Praise for Loveability:

“Finally, an empowering advice book for teenage girls. Brilliant and about time. Should be compulsory reading.” Mia Freedman, founder/publisher

“This book approaches girls as responsible decision-makers, capable of and mostly succeeding in making positive choices about their sexuality. Using welcoming language and humorous anecdotes it provides girls who like guys with a range of strategies for developing empowered relationships and, importantly, for being happily single. This book is a valuable addition to the range of books for girls, with its sex positive approach that addresses victim blaming, ‘slut’-shaming and the complexities of sexual negotiation. If only more books like this were written for boys!” Clara Adams, Youth Health Promotion Officer, Family Planning NSW

“Without shaming or lecturing, and with plenty of wit and warmth, Loveability will help girls carve their own path through the thicket of mixed messages and conflicting advice our culture gives them about love, dating and relationships.” Emily Maguire, author of Your Skirt’s Too Short: Sex, Power, Choice

“Possibly the first book in the world to treat teenage girls as the responsible, intelligent human beings they (mostly) are.” Jane Caro, author, lecturer and social commentator

“Another fantastic source is the newly published book Loveability, written by Nina Funnell and Dannielle Miller, an empowering advice book for teenage girls, which treats them as responsible, intelligent human beings. It’s also a must-read for teenage boys and has a chapter with useful websites, organisations and books.” Matty Silver, Sydney Morning Herald 

“Loveability covers all the aspects [of dating and relationships] in a grounded, readable and non judgemental way, giving girls the tools and understandings of the dynamics of this exciting but sometimes fraught stage of life.” Steve Biddulph, author of Raising Girls

“Teen boys will want to steal their sister’s copy.” Natasha Mitchell, host of Radio National Life Matters   

“Well done and congratulations to Dannielle Miller and Nina Funnell for your book Loveability: An Empowering Girl’s Guide to Dating and Relationships.

If you have daughters or teach high school girls over 13 – this book needs to be essential reading. It crushes many myths about ‘how to catch a man’, exposes the double standards that exist and gives girls clear guidelines to cope with infatuation and how to recover from a broken heart. It is full of girls’ voices and it includes quizzes and checklists, which help unravel relationships in a positive healthy and empowering way. Our early love relationships can help or hinder us for years so this book will help so many girls navigate the complex, confusing world of relationships in a digital age.” Maggie Dent, parenting expert and author

“Thanks for the inspiration and for such a fabulous book. I really wish I’d had a copy as a teenager. If you are a teenager, or have one, get on it!” Stella Young, comedian, disability activist and editor of ABC’s Ramp Up

“I cannot recommend enough how terrific Loveability is… Perfect guide for teen girls on relationships.” Rebecca Sparrow, author, blogger, columnist

“I was delighted to be involved with this fantastic book, contributing bits of Friendly Psychologist wisdom on different aspects of relationships. How lucky the young girls reading Loveability are to have a resource so wise and accessible, to help them navigate the often messy world of love.” Jacqui Manning, psychologist and media commentator

“Over the last few days, I learned more about how to communicate with my daughter than in the past nine years. It’s a wonderful piece of work that every dad of a growing girl should read.” Troy Jones, best selling author of Being Dad