About The Book

From the first crush to the first break-up, our romances as teens shape who we are and who we are to become. In Loveability, Dannielle Miller and Nina Funnell have created an empowering and relatable guide that will help you navigate your way through the often complex world of relationships.

Chapter 1  Planet Romance — what to pack  by Danni

Chapter 2    The loveability myth: pretty and hot = loveable  by Danni

Chapter 3    Crushing dilemmas: what happens when the feelings are not mutual? by Nina

Chapter 4  Deal makers and deal breakers by Nina

Chapter 5  So you’re dating! Now what?  by Nina

Chapter 6    Your body, your rules: sex, power and consent by Nina

Chapter 7  Healing heartbreak by Danni

Chapter 8    Single? In a relationship? Who cares? I’m awesome!  by Danni

Chapter 9  Relationship Q&A by Nina

There’s plenty of fun stuff: how to meet people, know what your crush is thinking, or embrace being both single and awesome. But there’s also all those things girls want to know, but might be too afraid to talk to Mum about – consent, body boundaries and dealing with situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

Through personal anecdotes, interviews, quizzes, Q&As and more, Funnell and Miller remind girls that relationships come in all different shapes and sizes and that loveability is not something that can be checked in the mirror or weighed on a set of scales. Their combination of professional expertise and personal stories delivers a book that is like the best chat you could ever have with your friends, filled with good advice that is smart, but also warm, funny and never judgemental.