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So excited about this new book – if you’re a girl or have a daughter, look out for this rad advice from rad women… It’s brilliant!

Lily Edelstein, 18, Contributor at Birdee.

Loveability is the most warm and insightful guide to dating and relationships. There’s not a lot more a teenage girl could possibly want or need to know. An absolute must read, amazing and empowering work.

Elly Ryan, 17

This book is absolutely fantastic. I literally sat on the couch and read this from the beginning to the end in 5 hours! It is AMAZING. This book provides an insightful and teenage perspective into issues that can deeply impact a girl’s self esteem, self worth and confidence. I could read this book a thousand times over.

Madison Killer, 18

Loveability is like a hug from your best friend! A must read for all young women, regardless of their Facebook relationship status. Finally, a book that recognises teen girls’ feelings as what they are; not just as a mass of hormonal chemical reactions, but as real human emotion! Nina Funnell and Dannielle Miller’s Loveability is a long sought after breath of fresh air, addressing teen relationships (and singledom) with expertise, useful advice, and above all, an unmatched warmth. 

Lauren Muscat, 17

After giving Loveability to my niece, I wasn’t sure if she’d find it useful as she hasn’t quite hit the dating years. But then I found that we started talking about all sort of things that were going on in her life. It was a good reminder that it is useful to let teenagers know you are interested in talking about their lives and not wait to be invited in.

Sarah Winter

The first chapter looks fabulous! Relatable, so many great insights and plenty of good advice.  I can’t wait to read the rest!

Jordan Stewart, 16

WOW- this book is well overdue… I wish this book was around 30 years ago. It has taken me that long to figure out how to negotiate and to be able to articulate my way around my intimate relationships, and I could still do with some more learning in this area. I was fascinated with the discussion about the historical perspective of marriage and the societal expectations of men vs women in intimate relationships, and to have a section offering practical solutions on figuring out your boundaries and how you might articulate this to your significant other is invaluable. I’m excited…when’s the boy’s version coming out?

Elizabeth via www.abc.net.au

Just arrived in the mail, aiding me as I guide my beautiful daughters into empowered ladies, the exceptional written works by the beautiful, the inspirational Dannielle Miller and the lovely Nina Funnell! EVERY girl needs to read.

Melissa Hocking Hughes, mother of four